Saturday, December 20, 2008

Debt Consolidation Programs, Debt Settlement Is Less Stringent

Most debt consolidation programs have rigid underwriting requirements. However, our debt settlement program also accepts business accounts that are normally excluded by consolidation programs. We also accept:

● Credit cards
● Gas and department store cards
● Finance company accounts
● Bank signature loans
Medical and dental bills
● Collection accounts
● Post-property foreclosure deficiency balances
● Post-vehicle repossession deficiency balances
● Judgments
Business debt

Unlike debt consolidation programs, our debt settlement program serves a variety of consumer and business needs.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Debt Settlement Rivals Consolidation in Eliminating Medical Debt

Cancerous medical debt destroys many families and causes almost half of all yearly personal bankruptcy filings. In the fight to terminate medical debt, oftentimes consolidation programs are not enough relief. Some even burden people with added medical problems.

Demonstrating our superiority over most consolidation programs, our debt settlement program handles a wide variety of medical debt. While debt consolidation is unable to provide any type of medical debt relief, our practical debt negotiation strategy helps uninsured families to avoid bankruptcy by effectively settling their medical accounts, including hospital bills, doctor bills, dental bills, past due medical accounts, medical collection accounts, medical charge-off accounts, disputed medical bills, and medical judgments.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Debt Free Leagues Top Business Debt Reduction

A key difference between us and debt consolidation is that we can help small business owners settle business debt. “What’s particularly unique about our debt settlement program is that unlike debt consolidation, we can help a small business owner avoid the stigma of a bankruptcy”, declares Vincent Cruciani, one of Debt Free League’s head Debt Negotiators. “We’re honored to be able to help America’s backbone, small businesses to negotiate business debt and resolve cash flow problems.”

Additionally through the Debt Liquidation Program, a business can avoid the time and expense of fighting business lawsuits in court, prevent the seizure of business assets, and satisfy vendor judgments.

Our program challenges debt consolidation going far beyond the mediocre benefit of interest rate reduction. Besides settling business debt, we can also help a small business owner to restructure an affordable debt repayment plan to quickly eliminate stifling business debt.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Debt Free League Debt Settlement Rivals Consolidation

Despite the popularity of debt consolidation, the ugly truth is that it's merely a “band-aid” treatment for most. The reason for this is that debt consolidation only reduces interest. Consequently, people eventually are appalled when they see their debt loads were barely decreased.

If you’re seeking to consolidate debt via a debt consolidation loan, you will also face a number of challenges. The first issue with the debt consolidation loan approach is that it’s typically available to homeowners. Plus you must pledge the equity on your property as collateral in exchange for the loan. Consequently, if you default on any mortgage payment, the lender could easily foreclose on your property.

Additionally, instead of helping you curb the debt cycle, a debt consolidation loan can hurt you with unbearable periodic rises on the loan’s original interest rate. This was the cause of many rampant sub-prime lending abuses that contributed to a spike in bankruptcies and foreclosures, and our eventual recession. Thus, if you opt for the debt consolidation loan approach, it is very likely that instead of getting out of debt, you may dig yourself deeper in the hole.

Compared to debt consolidation, debt settlement can produce superior savings on the interest and principal reduction on credit card debt, collection, medical and business accounts.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Our Debt Consolidation Alternative Can Relieve You From Debt

Credit card debt alone, now to the tune of $1.5 trillion, encompasses 65% of the rising $2.4-trillion consumer debt epidemic. If you’re one of the 144 million Americans who are afflicted by credit card debt and happen to encounter a financial hardship, it’s likely that you’ll seek the debt consolidation help of a credit counseling debt management plan (DMP). Regrettably, the statistics warn that debt consolidation frequently delivers insufficient relief to 75 percent of all Americans that are only three paychecks away from bankruptcy.

According to a Consumer Reports survey based on the article, “Pushed off the Financial Cliff”, debt consolidation debt management plans through consumer credit counseling (CCC) agencies have an abysmal dropout rate. The high dropout rate, which is reported at 79%, confirms that debt consolidation barely scratched the surface in resolving the financial hardships of many of these dropouts.

Opposite, debt consolidation, our negotiators can negotiate down both a debt’s interest and principal balance.

Compared to a debt consolidation debt management plan, which takes 4-6 years to complete and causes you to repay 1½ to two times the value of you debt, we can literally slash your debt in half, allowing you to be debt-free in 36 months or less time.

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